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How do I get set up/add a new Webshop user?

You can easily request to be set up as a new user on Webshop, so you can place orders directly through Webshop.

1. Open Webshop and click on the Login/Register link in the horizontal menu at the top, and then click on the ‘Create an account’ link in the menu that opens:


2. Above the registration form that opens, click on the link: ‘Already a Lyreco Customer?  Add a new user account’:

3. In here, enter the account number you want to be set up on, and your sales rep number (which can be found on an invoice next to ‘representative’), then ‘Create’:


4. When we have set you up on Webshop (typically within 24 hours), you will receive an email with your user details and a temporary password (you will be asked to change this as part of the initial log-on process). You can then immediately start searching for products and placing orders.

For a more in-depth visual demonstration, please refer to Page 4 of our WebShop guide.

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