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How can I identify environmentally friendly products?

Lyreco displays environmentally friendly products with a distinctive green 'sustainable selection' label, which is prominently displayed when they appear in search results.

To earn this label, products undergo a rigorous assessment process aligned with our sustainability criteria. Following successful evaluation, these products are assigned one of three icons:

To streamline your search and easily identify these products, simply navigate to the left-hand side 'filter by' panel under 'Sustainable Selection.'

Upon clicking on a product featuring the 'sustainable selection' label, you'll be directed to its dedicated product page, where you will find one or more of the three sustainable selection icons prominently displayed. These icons are awarded based on the specific criteria the product has met.

For detailed insights into the criteria met, you can refer to the 'sustainable selection' field located on the product page. Here, you'll find comprehensive information about the sustainability standards and qualifications the product has attained.

Additionally, there is an option to view substitution green products directly in your basket. By clicking the 'Go Green' button and editing your selection if you wish to switch to more sustainable alternatives.

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